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Jamie Kay

Organic Cotton Leggings | Sadie Floral Mist

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100% Organic Cotton Leggings
Why cotton? Cotton is well known for its ability to breathe while keeping the body nice and warm. Their knits are snuggly, soft and perfect for all seasons.

Jamie Kay source only the finest quality cotton to ensure they are providing your child with nothing but the best - no nasties!


WAIST 16cm 0to3M // 17cm 3to6M // 18cm 6to12M // 19cm 1Y // 20cm 2Y // 21cm 3Y // 22cm 4Y // 23cm 5Y //

LENGTH 35cm NB // 38cm 0to3M // 41cm 3to6M // 44cm 6to12M // 47cm 1Y // 50cm 2Y // 53cm 3Y // 56cm 4Y // 59cm 5Y // 

All items are true to size based on an average sized child. Guide is only a estimate provided by Jamie Kay.

Please note as these garments are all hand cut please allow a garment tolerance of 1/1.5cm for your measurements.